James Lipton Was NOT a Pimp… Sorta

When one looks at James Lipton, one automatically thinks “Now THERE’S a man who has lived.”

The 86-year old host of “Inside The Actor’s Studio” has recently revealed his past as a young man in Paris- a past that included a stint as a French “mac” (short for macquereau). However, the stoic interviewer is quick to correct anyone who refers to him as a pimp.

“A pimp exploits and abuses the women who work for him,” Lipton said. “A macquereau does nothing of that sort. I’m talking about then. The macquereau works for the women. He’s a procurer. He’s an agent, so-to-speak.”

James “Le Big Mac” Lipton

When asked about his style of pimping, excuse us- “mac-ing”- he responded: ”I was the only American there, and they would be saying to tourists, American tourists, ‘Would you like to see the Louvre, would you like to see the personal tour of the Notre Dame de Paris?’ and I would say to them, ‘Would you like a personal tour to Rue Pigalle? Would you like to see a sexual exhibition?’ Well, I did a roaring business!”

Oh James, you big ol’ macquereau!

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