The Top Five Scripps National Spelling Bee Moments (VIDEOS)

The finals of the Scripps National Spelling Bee are aired on ESPN earlier this week, highlighting the network’s 20th year covering the bee. Let’s take a look back at some of the bee’s classic moments over the years.

5. Akshay Buddiga faints, recovers, spells word correctly

Akshay Buddiga, the runner-up in the 2004 bee, got a little freaked out when he first came up to the microphone. He rebounded excellently, and spelled alopecoid correctly.

4. Dominic Errazo asks “Do the chickens have large talons?”, spells chinook

In a move that delighted children and confused adults everywhere, Errazo quoted a line from Napoleon Dynamite during his time at the microphone before correctly spelling the word chinook.

3. Sameer Mishra mishears “numnah” as “numbnut,” recovers well

Sameer actually went on to win the 2008 bee, proving that he is indeed not a numbnut.

2. Kennyi Aouad gets the giggles before spelling “sardoodledom”

It’s alright Kennyi. We all get the giggles. Props on spelling that insane word correctly.

1. Rebecca Sealfon sells “euonym” and wins the 1997 bee

Oh goodness. Where to start on this one? Sealfon, who inspired a South Park character, was the first ever home schooled winner of the bee. Her excitement is contagious, and she is credited with sparking the current spelling bee craze.

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