FAA To Lighten Up On In-Flight Gadget Usage


An Federal Aviation Administration working group may be close to allowing electronic devices to be in use during the entire duration of flights.  An unnamed source from the group told the New York Times that tablets, smartphones, computers and other devices will be all clear for “gate-to-gate” data usage, even after the flight attendants close the airplane door.

Phone calls and other voice-carrying uses will still be off-limits, so there would be no obnoxiously loud cell-phone talkers disrupting the peaceful time you normally spend checking out Sky Mall.  And your smartphone games wouldn’t have to stop for your flight, which is good news for Canteen Boy’s scoutmaster.

The final recommendations probably won’t come out until September, but it would mark the second time in two years that the FAA loosened up device restrictions.  Last year, pilots were allowed to use iPads in the cockpit to replace paper manuals and maps - thus helping airplane navigation catch up to the way cars get around.


(Via New York Times / Photo via AlecBaldwin.com)


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