World’s First 3D Printing Vending Machine Available at UC Berkeley

If you have a hankering for a candy bar at midnight, this vending machine isn’t the droid you’re searching for.
Frustrated with wait times for 3D printers on UC Berkeley‘s campus, three Berkeley graduates conceived and created the Dreambox, a 3D-printing vending machine.
“Getting people exposed to 3D printing and what it can do will hopefully encourage people to create their own models and solve their own problems,” said Dreambox CEO David Pastewka.

The technology made headlines in May when pro-gun groups used 3D printers to successfully make and a 3D-printed gun capable of firing standard handgun rounds.

However, Pastewka said that Dreambox’s user agreement strictly prohibits the printing of firearms.

Dreambox CTO Richard Berwick said that the technology will likely be used for creating objects out of metal, such as earrings, cufflinks and other jewelry.
Other applications, Berwick said, could include snacks. “We’re also going to see other applications in food,” he said. “So printing chocolate, printing sugars…in a structure that no one has ever seen before. [We have the] ability to print what would go on top of a wedding cake and actually have minute detail in either chocolate or fondant.”

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