Google Glass App Allows Users to Charge, Lock & Unlock Their Car

It’s hard to hit the lock and unlock button on your key fob, isn’t it?

Wouldn’t it be much easier if you could just tell your car to lock the doors, adjust the temperature, or check the battery levels?

Thanks to Tesla Model S Glass app, conveniently named GlassTesla, and available for Google Glass, this can all be a reality, provided you own a Tesla Model S (base price of $62,500) and Google Glass (about $1500).

GlassTesla is a suite of headgear accessible controls for electric sedans which will allow users to check their battery levels, start and stop charging, lock doors and monitor interior temperature controls. Voice control, charge completion notification and real-time vehicle tracking features are on the way, said Sahas Katta, the app’s creator.

I’m sorry to say that the app won’t work on your 1998 Ford Escort.

Google Glass

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