Jay-Z Smack-Talks Scott Boras on his New Album

Jay-Z has a new album called Magna Carta Holy Grail. That new album has a track called “The Crown.” If it’s the kind of crown he seems to be referencing — the one that used to sit comfortably atop the over-inflated head of Scott Boras — well it’s been challenged, and Boras’ odds don’t look good.

“Scott Boras, you over baby / Robinson Cano, you coming with me.”

Homie don’t play. It used to be that rap battles were exclusive to their own industry, but now that they’ve leaked into the white collar arena of talent representation, our fingers are crossed that Boras responds in kind. We can only imagine…


Cano left Boras’ agency three months ago to join forces with Jay-Z who created Roc Nation Sports by partnering with already established CAA. Roc Nation’s client list boasts not only Cano, but also Kevin Durant, Geno Smith and Skylar Diggins.

Jay-Z knows a thing or two about creating successful businesses; he’s worth half a billion dollars. And while Boras may still have a far more prolific overall set of names in his Rolodex, he’d better watch his rear-view mirror. This could get Eas’ Coas’/Wes’ Coas’ ugly real quick, and that crown could easily be toppled.

Know who says so?


That dude.

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