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BREAKING: Jets Finally Give Tebow Something to Do - Look for Work

Adam Schefter of ESPN has broken disappointing news for Tim Tebow fans this morning: The NY Jets have officially parted ways with their infamous back-up QB. With their second pick in this year’s draft, the Jets took West Virginia’s Geno Smith. Adding Smith to the mix gave the Jets the sixth QB on their roster and perhaps reason enough to finally end their relationship with the controversial Tebow. The Jets [...]

#NFLDraft 2013: Full Mock Draft

  Fans of terrible teams have made it to their own personal Superbowl - the draft!  With the draft finally upon us (April 25th in primetime), ViralRead has put together a full first round mock draft.   1. Kansas City Chiefs - LT, Eric Fisher, Central Michigan  - Reports out of KC today say KC likes his “meanness.” I have no idea what that means but apparently it differentiates him [...]

#NFLDraft 2013: Top Ten Quarterback Preview

With the NFL draft just around the corner on April 25th in primetime, ViralRead has decided to put together a draft preview by position. Every day, we have posted a new top 10 draft prospects by position. This is our final installment.
Today we’ve put together a list of the top quarterbacks in the 2013 NFL draft. With no guaranteed franchise QB, here’s how we rank the newest class: