#NFLDraft 2013: Top Ten Quarterback Preview

With the NFL draft just around the corner on April 25th in primetime, ViralRead has decided to put together a draft preview by position. Every day, we have posted a new top 10 draft prospects by position. This is our final installment.

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Today we’ve put together a list of the top quarterbacks in the 2013 NFL draft. With no guaranteed franchise QB, here’s how we rank the newest class.

1. Geno Smith, QB, West Virginia

As we stated, this is notably a weak quarterback draft class. Especially when compared to last year’s draft! This is highlighted by the fact that Geno Smith will probably be the first signal caller chosen off the board. In most years he would be a 2nd round pick. But someone will reach into the first round and pick him up. No doubt with visions of Russell Wilson dancing in their heads.

2. Matt Barkley, QB, USC

There is no doubt that Barkley’s draft stock took a hit because he returned for another year at USC. How far will he fall? Definitely in the late first round/early second round.

3. EJ Manuel, QB, Florida State

So much Heisman hype to begin the year as Florida State was projected as a top 5 team. Those dreams were dashed rather quickly, along with his draft stock. If you told us there would be one player on this list who would fall a lot further than projected…we would put all of our money on Manuel.

4. Ryan Nassib, QB, Syracuse

Amazingly, we are only at number four and we are already looking at the late second round, early third round. At this point, it is just hard to predict how far a player might fall. But we feel that Nassib will get the fourth nod.

5. Landry Jones, QB, Oklahoma

Landry is another QB in the Barkley boat. Hyped last draft, opted to stay, and is tumbling down the draft boards as a result. Hard to see a good pro fit for Landry.

6. Mike Glennon, QB, NC State

Mike is being compared to Joe Flacco. Mobility isn’t his strong suit. But he is accurate and he is the one who replaced Russell Wilson with success.

7. Tyler Wilson, QB, Arkansas

Tyler falls into the reverse of Manuel. He is one player who very well could be the 3rd or 4th QB picked if the right team fit happens.

8. Matt Scott, QB, Arizona

Won’t go until the latter rounds of the draft. Sails throws. Lacks touch. Takes off instead of taking pressure. Good team leader and has control of the huddle…but that only goes so far in the NFL.

9. Zac Dysert, QB, Miami (Ohio)

Obviously, the Ben Roethlisberger comparisons are going to happen. And he holds a number two ranking for a QB on NFL.com. NFL general managers are always overly smitten with MAC QBs. Consistently overreaching on at least one in every draft. He has a strong arm but needs to work on his read progressions and pocket presence.

10. Tyler Bray, QB, Tennessee

Very close to having the best arm of any QB in the class. But it says a lot about everything else that he is #10 on this list and not higher up. Some QB coach will convince himself that he can develop what has, until this point, been undeveloped.


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