Cute British 9-Year-Old Boy Is Obsessed With Vacuum Cleaners

Nine-year-old Luke Fountain, a British boy who has a genetic condition known as Williams Syndrome, is obsessed with vacuum cleaners. Besides having a collection of 17 vacuums (some of which he keeps in his room), Luke also has a vast knowledge of all the latest vacuums out there on the market - and he even helped out at the nearby Grosvenor Hotel, where he recently decided which new vacuum the staff should buy (he actually appeared on the British TV show The Hotel just before doing this).

According to the Williams Syndrome Association,

Williams syndrome is a genetic condition that is present at birth and can affect anyone.  It is characterized by medical problems, including cardiovascular disease, developmental delays, and learning disabilities.  These occur side by side with striking verbal abilities, highly social personalities and an affinity for music.

His dad, Mark, is a professional photographer. Below are some photos of Luke (beware: dangerously cute) via The girl who appears in a lot of the photos is his younger sister, Lacey.

Cool siblings.


In the future, we see…vacuums.Luke_Fountain_and_sister_bridge

The only time in history that kids have been excited about Christmas sweaters.


Thumbs-up to this photo.Luke_Fountain_and_sister_vacuum

I wish I could see the rest of the hat.Luke_Fountain_glasses

Luke with mom and sister outside of The Grosvenor.


Luke with hotel staff.


A good-looking boy who likes to clean and is very friendly? Ladies, please, form a line and stay calm.

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