MLB All Star Game: Is Yasiel Puig an All Star?

Major League Baseball released the roster for this year’s mid-summer classic to be held on July 16th at Citi Field. The rosters are loaded with young talent, headlined by Bryce Harper, Mike Trout, Manny Machado, Jose Fernandez and Jean Segura. However this list does not current include 22-year old phenom Yasiel Puig just yet. Having played only 32 games with the Dodgers, many believe the talented youngster doesn’t deserve to be on the team.

Yasiel “Man/Bear” Puig has developed a bit of a cult following around the league with his showboating and tenacious play. You cannot deny his impact on baseball thus far.  He currently boasts a .409 average with 8 home runs and 5 steals and, with the help of Hanley Ramirez, has rejuvenated an underperforming Dodgers team over the past month.

The question is, are 32 games resumé enough to make the team? Jonathan Papelbon wasn’t afraid to say that he doesn’t think Puig is an All Star and many baseball purists share in his belief.

With the final spot being determined by the fans, it’s almost certain that Puig will be sent to the All Star Game. He’s exciting, talented and exactly what the sport of baseball needs.


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