Sports Video Roundup: Tuesday, July 9th, 2013

We here at ViralRead know what the internet is really good for — watching tons and tons of videos, and we’re here to help you in that noble endeavor. So sit back and don’t bother with Google, we’ll deliver the best of the best videos on the net straight to your browser. It’s the Sports Video Roundup.

Go Go Says No No to the Votto’s Go-Ahead

Carlos Gomez, the Milwaukee Brewers center fielder, added a fourth home run burglary to his stats this year, much to the dismay of Reds star Joey Votto. Watch as he meticulously times his jump and in doing so secures the Brew Crew victory:

Bubble Sports

Can you think of anything better than playing sports with no fear of injury and the expectation of lots of bouncing? Neither could we. This German company is really on to something - we’re looking forward to new viral videos from family Thanksgivings this year!

Most MLB Pitchers Aren’t This Flexible

Talk about bringing new meaning to the phrase “pitching from the stretch.” South Korean rhythmic gymnast Shin Soo-ji’s first pitch was anything but ordinary, and we’re not sure that it really happened (at least we had to watch and pause several times to be convinced!)


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