Food Frenzy - AKA “Catching up with Mexico”

So it was only a few days ago when it was announced that Mexico has now overtaken the US as the fattest country in the Americas.  But the US decided it wouldn’t give up the fight that easily.

In an effort to combat the Mexican dietary insurgency, Americans have come up with some incredible new tasty treats designed to increase calorie counts and once again put American waistlines back on top!

Kim Crawford Winery has proudly introduce Wine Soaked Popcorn

Because why have a drink and a snack when you can have both at the same time!

But that’s just the beginning.

The new foods set to be released at the Minnesota State fair are 100% guaranteed to up your pant-size in 3 bites or less! You can read all about the bacon cannolis, chocolate covered pickles and cocoa cheese bites here.

It almost makes one think Jim Gaffigan has been appointed the country’s head chef.

On a related note, we at Viral Read will be tasting every single one of the foods listed here. And will do so proudly.

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