Robbing your Neighbor One Naked Woman at a Time

Some people will go to any lengths to get what they want and will use whatever assets they have to do it and a couple in Crossvile, Tennessee did just that.

A couple in their 30′s hatched up the perfect plan to rob their 54 year old neighbor.  The couple approached the man and started chatting with him. The woman stated that she had forgotten her cigarettes at home so she sent her husband back home to get them. Meanwhile, she asked her neighbor if she could go for a quick dip in his pool naked and he said yes.


She swam and he watched for 20 minutes.  After she was done, he got her a towel and asked her to come to his church and she said that she didn’t have time for that stuff.

She thanked him and left.

The man went back into his house only to discover one of his guns, medication and jewelry were stolen.

Her significant other didn’t go home to fetch her cigarettes, he was robbing the man blind while using his wife as eye candy.

The couple have been identified and the police are searching for them.

So, how well do you know your neighbors?


Source: noticed a handgun, jewelry and medication had been taken. Together, the items were worth $1,195. Read more:

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