2013 NFL Preseason Power Rankings


It’s finally here.

The NFL season is right around the corner as the Dallas Cowboys are the first team to kick off their training camp this Sunday. Here are ViralRead’s 2013 NFL pre-season rankings:

1. San Francisco 49ers – Last year’s NFC Superbowl representative will be carried by play making QB Colin Kaepernick and a dominant defense.

2. Seattle SeahawksRussell Wilson leads an improved roster that will now feature Percy Harvin. Remember when the NFC West was a “soft” division?

3. Green Bay Packers – The Packers explosive offense won’t miss a beat with Greg Jennings now in Minnesota. Eddie Lacy will provide a huge upgrade for them in short yardage situations.

4. Baltimore Ravens – The Superbowl champs have lost some key pieces including Anquan Boldin, Cary Williams, and Dannell Ellerbe. That being said, this is still a talented and well-coached group that will be a contender.

5. Houston Texans – The Texans seem like they’ve been a player or two away from being a contender for the last few years. This is the last year Matt Schaub will have to prove he’s capable of taking this team to a Superbowl.

6. Denver Broncos - Dangerous passing game led by Peyton Manning, but he’s not getting any younger. That neck injury will always be a concern.

7. Atlanta Falcons – Last year was supposed to be the year Matt Ryan broke through. The stats were there but the team, as usual, fell just short. Does this team really this Steven Jackson is that much of an upgrade over Michael Turner? I’m not sure who is more washed up at this point.

8. New England PatriotsTom Brady? Check. Bill Belichick? Check. They’ll be a contender in a weak AFC East.

9. Cincinnati BengalsAJ Green and Geno Atkins are fun to watch. For the sake of disgruntled Bengals fans everywhere, hopefully this is the year they break through.

10. New York Giants – Will the pass rush return? Will Jason Pierre-Paul and Justin Tuck be healthy enough to carry the defense? The Giants better hope so.

11. New Orleans SaintsSean Payton is back which will help this team tremendously.

12. Washington RedskinsRGIII’s knee determines where this team finishes the regular season. Brian Orakpo and Ryan Kerrigan lead a very underrated Redskin defense.

13. Dallas Cowboys – If the pressure wasn’t enough, now Tony Romo will have also have to live up to his huge contract extension he signed in the off-season.

14. Miami Dolphins - Ryan Tannehill turned a lot of people into believers after an impressive rookie year.

15. Chicago BearsJay Cutler is a perennial loser. That’s all I’ve got on the Bears.

16. Detroit Lions – How did a team with a roster this loaded go 4-12 last year? Matt Stafford and an underrated D-Line will carry the Lions in 2013.

17. Pittsburgh Steelers – Losing Mike Wallace hurts a lot. This isn’t the same Pittsburgh team we are use to over the past decade.

18. Carolina Panthers – Will Cam Newton break through this year? If he can cut down the turnovers, the Panthers could be a tough team.

19. Tampa Bay BuccaneersDarrelle Revis will help but this team will need another huge year out of Doug Martin to go far.

20. St. Louis Rams – People love Jeff Fisher. I have no idea why. His resume includes one Superbowl… that he lost. If you buy into Sam Bradford finally taking a step in the right direction than the Rams could surprise.

21. San Diego Chargers – Ryan Mathews needs to show up for this team to have any chance.

22. Philadelphia Eagles – The Eagles have a new head coach and a murky QB situation. Could be a long year at the Linc.

23. Minnesota VikingsAdrian Peterson is unbelievable considering Christian Ponder has been embarrassingly bad. The Vikings hope Greg Jennings can help the passing game.

24. Indianapolis Colts – The Colts are a popular pick for a lot of NFL experts to take the next step next year, I just don’t see it. The roster is still tremendously flawed and will go as far as second year QB Andrew Luck can take them.

25. Tennessee Titans – NFL scouts ripped into Jake Locker’s first full season as the Titans QB. He’s got one more year to prove that he’s capable of being the franchise QB.

26. New York Jets – Oh, Who knows

27. Oakland Raiders – Big year for Dennis Allen to show that he’s started to turn this franchise around. Matt Flynn has a huge opportunity here but watch out for rookie QB Tyler Wilson.

28. Buffalo BillsCJ Spiller and Stevie Johnson are legitimate weapons on offense. The Bills are starting to turn the corner.

29. Kansas City ChiefsAndy Reid, Alex Smith, and Jamaal Charles could make this team at least tolerable to watch.

30. Cleveland Browns – Their second year QB turns 30 in October. Let that sink in.

31. Jacksonville Jaguars – At least they have new jerseys?

32. Arizona Cardinals – Yikes. Poor Larry Fitzgerald.


  1. July 25, 2013  12:37 pm by Finrod Reply

    I like it when the Steelers are underestimated. Makes it more likely people won't take them seriously and they'll get to do some major ass-kicking.

  2. August 8, 2013  2:52 pm by LShapMD Reply

    This is such an in depth analysis... not even close

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