ViralRead Fantasy Football 2013 Draft Kit: QB Rankings

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About the rankings, these are rankings of standard 12 team non-PPR leagues.

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My Thoughts

QB is deep. The question you have to ask yourself. Is this QB1 going to be so much better than the next guy that it is worth passing on what is available?

The answer for the few first rounds…for me…is NO.

Aaron Rodgers will be good. And number one. But will he outscore the likes of Brady (ADP round 5), Stafford (ADP round 6) or Romo (ADP round 7), that you want to pass on other round 2 running backs or Jimmy Graham? Who are those RBs:

Steven Jackson, Matt Forte, Stevan Ridley, Chris Johnson, Maurice Jones-Drew, and Reggie Bush. And if you went with Calvin Johnson in the first? You have to go RB here unless you want Frank Gore or David Wilson as your RB1.

And this is with expert ADPs. In your church league, someone is going to select Rodgers in the first round. So, then you are making a decision of picking between him and the first round ADP RBs…you get the picture.

On to the rankings.

** Denotes Sleeper

**D** Denotes Deep Sleeper

 1. Aaron Rodgers, GBP

I am not going out on a limb in putting Rodgers number one. However, if his offensive line takes anymore injury hits…I may drop him a spot.

2. Drew Brees, NOS

Drew Brees can be awesome. But he can also throw like 5 interceptions in the first quarter of a game. The reason he is behind Aaron Rodgers and IF your league penalizes you for interceptions? Drop him further.

3. Peyton Manning, DEN

Rock solid. Peyton Manning as a top 5 fantasy QB is as close to guaranteed this year as you can get.

4. Tom Brady, NEP

Yes. He has lost a lot of weapons. BUT he is Tom Brady.

5. Cam Newton, CAR

Cam Newton’s rushing vaults him up here. IF he can be consistent? Bump him up 2 more spots.

6. Matt Ryan, ATL

7. Matthew Stafford, DET

8. Andrew Luck, IND

9. Tony Romo, DAL

10. Colin Kaepernick, SFO

11. Jay Cutler, CHI

12. Russell Wilson, SEA

13. Robert Griffin III, WAS

14. Eli Manning, NYG

15. Andy Dalton, CIN*

16. Joe Flacco, BAL

17. Sam Bradford, STL*

18. Alex Smith, KCC

19. Ryan Tannehill, MIA*

20. Josh Freeman, TBB

21. Matt Schaub, HOU

22. Ben Roethlisberger, PIT

23. Philip Rivers, SDC

24. Michael Vick, PHI *

25. Carson Palmer, ARI **D**

26. Kevin Kolb, BUF

27. Brandon Weeden, CLE

28. Jake Locker, TEN **D**

29. Matt Flynn, OAK

30. Christian Ponder, MIN **D**

31. Mark Sanchez, NYJ

32. Chad Henne, JAC

33. Blaine Gabbert, JAC

34. E.J. Manuel, BUF

35. Nick Foles, PHI

36. Kirk Cousins, WAS

37. Geno Smith, NYJ



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