The Blackberry Failures May Open the Door For a New Direction

Blackberry has decided to change their playbook and has created a special committee (i.e. hired Goldman Sachs) to investigate possible strategic alternatives for the company’s direction. In essence this means that the company for the first time is realizing that it’s doing something wrong, if not everything wrong, in it’s attempt to gain back smart phone market share - and is for the first time bringing in outside help to let it know what it needs to do to fix itself.

The list of possible alternatives to the companies current plans could mean a possible partnership, joint venture or alliance with still unknown sources but it’s likely that Dell would be a perfect choice considering their current relationship in the enterprise and government space.


This would be the first time Blackberry is even considering a sale or anything else outside of its current strategy to keep the company from hemorrhaging money as it’s doing with the launch of its Q10 series.

Last Friday, rumors had begun that Blackberry would even like to take the company private, much in the same way Dell is doing, in order to move focus away from stockholder happiness and more towards internal reorganization and research and development.

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