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#CPAC2013: Mike Lee

After taking the stage forty minutes late and switching rooms at the last minute, Utah Senator Mike Lee finally managed to rally the crowd with his quick speech on the importance of limited government and its roots in the Constitution. “Government does not have the capacity to create civil society; it does have the capacity to kill it,” claimed Senator Lee. “America is extraordinary not because of who we are, but […]

EXCLUSIVE: Gayle Trotter on a Woman's Right to Choose (A Firearm)

“Not all women are going to choose to have a gun to defend themselves, but they should be able to have that choice, to have that essential liberty to defend themselves.” Gayle Trotter didn’t set out to be the voice of a woman’s right to choose.  The Washington, DC- based attorney and mother of six has a “special interest in Constitutional law and the liberties that were so costly obtained […]

LA Gas Prices Spike

If newly-enacted state taxes haven’t given Californians enough reason to avoid driving, a spike in gas prices – 23 cents in one week – has all but the state’s wealthiest residents limiting their trips. California’s highest-in-the-nation gas prices are even higher this week reportedly due to scheduled refinery maintenance.

Conservative Filmmakers Raise Money To Hug Michael Moore. . .

Michael Moore, who famously stalked General Motors’ then-CEO, Roger Smith, in his first film, is himself the subject of a new documentary whose makers are seeking funding through The film will explore the differences between Moore’s repudiation of capitalism and “the 1%” and Moore’s own lifestyle. FTR Media and Get Over Yourself Productions have titled the project “Hugging Moore” after Andrew Breitbart famously labeled Moore one of his favorite […]

Mrs. Doubtfire Auditions for Idol

The brain bleach had barely taken away the images of a mankini-clad Steven Tyler playing the bongs in Hawaii last week when this appeared on the TV screen: [youtube] Dude doesn’t REALLY look like a lady!  

It's Always the Quiet Ones

They’re quiet and lay around most of the time. But they’re stealthily destroying the Earth. No, we’re not talking about cows and their high-methane emissions. We’re talking cats, who have eliminated a whopping 33 species from the planet and kill billions of birds and mammals annually. Cat lovers are quick to point out that the felines’ bloodthirsty ways were helpful during the Middle Ages, when they murdered rats who were […]

Need MORE Kardashian? Kris Jenner to Host Talk Show

The moment we’ve been waiting for has arrived. After watching hours upon hours of Kardashian/Jenner child exploits on reality TV, we will have a daily fix of Kris Jenner giving “real advice to her family or sharing personal moments with viewers.” Gotta give the (business)woman credit. She’s tenacious and unrelenting in building her family empire. So if you’re in the market for tips on teenage daughter fashion, pushing your 14-year-old […]