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"Goofball" Joe Flacco Cast As Jonny Unitas

John Unitas Jr. has some strong feelings regarding the upcoming movie about his father - a film being produced by his half brother Joe - and said what we are all thinking whenever we see Joe Flacco sans helmet: John Unitas Jr. called Flacco a “goofball” in comments about the movie to USA Today Sports on Sunday and said he is considering taking legal action if Joe Unitas makes any […]

Is the International Olympic Committee Bored? 2016 May Add 3-On-3 Hoops and BMX

It’s 3 years until the Olympics in Rio; which sports will make the cut? Wrestling? Out! Baseball? Out! In are golf, rugby and possibly 3-on-3 hoops and BMX biking. I can’t wait for the Sprite Rio Olympics Jam Mixtape! From ESPN IOC sports director Christophe Dubi told The Associated Press on Monday that the Olympic sports federations have been “extremely creative” with their requests. …. The IOC has options to […]

Down Goes "Frazier" - Camera Man Eats It While Harrassing Adrian Peterson

The paparazzi should know what happens when you try to stop AP. Adrien Peterson was enjoying a day in DC when a camera man approached him and proceeded to follow him down the street asking a race-baiting question about a gay NFL player coming out. Peterson gives a NBD face and continues walking, the camera man….well you’ll just have to watch. “Down goes Frazier!!” - Sic Semper Race-Baiters H/T TMZ

Yu Darvish Comes Within One Out of Perfect Game

Yu Darvish was rolling through the Houston Astros - not a hugely impressive feat - coming within 1 batter of a perfect game. He had retired 26 straight batters before getting Bill Buckner’ed by Marwin Gonzalez to lose his perfect game and his no-hitter in one swing. He took it with a smile But George W and Nolan Ryan were clearly disappointed.  

Your Move Trout - Bryce Harper Becomes Youngest Ever to Hit 2 Opening Day Dingers

Last year Bryce Harper was overshadowed by the AL Rookie Of the Year Mike Trout. But it looks like working out at a rave gym pays off! Harper became the youngest player in history to hit two Opening Day home runs. This one was caught by a dead ringer for Jayson Werth. The second one produced pandamonium in the stadium and required Harper to make a curtain call. Check out […]

5'10" Dunker Sir Issac Defies Gravity

Holy Thunderdunk Batman. This dude is 5’10″ with something like a 50″ vertical leap and seems to defy gravity when he takes off. I’m sure he’ll end up on a TV show making normal-sized people all jealous because A) He can dunk like Blake Griffin, and B) None of us would look that cool with a mohawk. H/T Bleacher Report

Tiger Woods Back On Top...

…of the PGA rankings! I mean the PGA rankings! Sheesh. What a Freudian headline. Tiger Woods Back On Top With a win this weekend of the Arnold Palmer Bay Hill Invitational, Tiger Woods regained his perch atop the PGA tour rankings for the first time since his spectacular fall from grace. This being Tiger’s 8th win of this particular event - I’m pretty sure he just enjoys the complimentary beverages […]

Gif Sums Up Entire UNC Season

No this ginger isn’t upset about his lack of soul. He’s just a distraught UNC fan. This .gif perfectly represents Tar Heel Nation’s feelings about this season, particularly the stomping they took from Kansas on Sunday night. It also displays the massive amounts of schadenfreude felt by all the Cameron Crazies, most of the ACC and of course Kansas who has their own particular beef with UNC. H/T USA Today […]