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ViralRead Tech's top 10 iOS apps.

With a lot of my friends getting either an iPhone or an iPad, or sometimes both, I have had a lot of people asking what my top 10 apps are for the iPhone or iPad. However, I have several that are great for iPhone, not so much on iPad… or vice versa, so I’ve decided to pick the 10 best apps that work on both iPhone and iPad. (These apps will have […]

REPORT: Microsoft Surface to be Wi-Fi only, no 3G or 4G LTE connectivity option

Yes, it seems as though the newly released Microsoft tablet known as the ‘Surface’ is going the way of Windows Millennium, and Vista… behind the times. Bloomberg received word that the new Microsoft product will be Wi-Fi only, and will not offer any connectivity ability for 3G or even 4G LTE networks on any carriers at this time. Why won’t Microsoft add wireless data connectivity? A few reasons: To keep […]

SHOCKER: Microsoft can't compete against iPad battery life

Computer World just did a piece on how the new Microsoft ‘Surface’  doesn’t compare to the iPad (on many levels) but particularly in regards to battery life. What to know: iPad battery lasts 10 hours on a full charge Microsoft ‘Surface’ lasts 7.5 hours, 25% less than the iPad ‘Surface’ screen resolution compares to the iPad 2, and not the ‘New’ iPad with retina display. Microsoft ‘Surface Pro’ is compared […]

Twitter Down! Twitter Down!

All hell broke loose when Twitter went down just over an hour ago. At the present time, Twitter does not know what caused the popular micro blogging service to crash. During the outage, we received reports of several people getting hundreds of emails instead of using Twitter, no doubt proving how crucial the service is to every day communication. Several people in the Twitterverse pointed out that once Twitter went […]

TweetBot for MAC images spotted in the wild!

If you loved TweetBot for iPhone and iPad… You’re going to love what 9 to 5 Mac just found! Yes, that’s right! TapBots is working on TweetBot for the Mac! TweetBot is by far the BEST Twitter client for both iOS devices. (I used 14 different Twitter apps on my iPhone, and 8 on my iPad before TweetBot came along. Now, TweetBot does everything the other apps I used did […]

LEAKED: Xbox 720 Pricing, very likely to be accurate!

My buddies over at BGR got ahold of a document citing a price point for the highly anticipated Xbox 720 at $299. Here’s what you need to know: Price point $299 Blu-Ray support 1080p video output NEW ‘Kinect 2′ motion controller Voice-based control feature. Anticipated Release Date: Before holidays of 2012 Multiple reports claim it will be announced and presented at the E3, 2013 Tech Conference Here’s why this leak […]