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First There Was #Planking, Then #Vadering. Now We Got #Siroting

After the internet meme Planking went out of style we got Vadering. But after David Sirota wrote an article “Let’s hope the Boston Marathon bomber is a white American“, many conservative activists on Twitter came up with #Siroting. Siroting is the mocking of then David Sirota’s Twitter avitar: Conservative commentator Dana Loesch came up with the idea on Twitter: HOW TO SIROTA: poorly make a fist and act like you’re afraid […]

Rep Tom Price to Attend #BlogBash 2013

Blog Bash, a networking event created in 2010 ‘for political bloggers by political bloggers’, will welcome Georgia Representative Tom Price (R-Roswell) as a VIP guest at the third annual event, which will be held on March 14, 2013 during the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) at National Harbor, Md. Representative Price has made some serious waves in the Georgia political world in recent weeks as speculation continues to mount in […]

CNN's Anti-Gun Advocate, Piers Morgan Joked About Shooting Rivals, Okay With Killing Robbers

Just two days after CNN’s Piers Morgan, in a debate (really it was a shouting-down-your-guests fest) with conservative commentator Dana Loesch, suggested that it was outrageous for a New York man, being attacked by a gang of 7 others, to wound his attackers or present a gun in order to avoid being violently beaten. This sort of logic is common among anti-gun advocates. One columnist recently headlined a piece, “real men use their […]