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Washington Gearing Up For Tonight's White House Correspondents' Dinner

Washington, D.C. is gearing up for the annual White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner tonight. Comedian and talk show host Conan O’Brian will host the event which brings together journalists, government officials, politicians and media personalities to poke fun at one another. O’Brien has tweeted and referenced his next gig several times: In D.C. to perform at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner. Practicing my opening “Goofy Sunglasses” bit: bit.ly/15RpxA2 — Conan [...]

JJ Abrams Tapped to Direct the First Installment of the New Star Wars Trilogy

Lost creator, J.J. Abrams, saved the Star Trek franchise with his electric reboot in ’09, so he may well be the one man who can erase the vile memory of Star Wars: Episodes 1-3 from our collective consciousness. The Walt Disney Company bought Lucasfilm in the Fall for 4 billion dollars, and so far they’re getting their money’s worth by making the unquestionably geek-approved move of hiring Abrams to direct [...]