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Matt Kemp Gives Fan an Autograph...and the Shirt Off his Back (Dare Ya not to Tear Up)

In our never-ending quest to bring you stories that prove the goodness of humankind, made manifest through sports, ViralRead has found our favorite tear-jerking moment of the year (well if not our favorite it’s at least neck and neck with little Jack Hoffman scoring a touchdown for the Huskers). Seriously - bust out the kleenex and wait for your lower lip to start trembling uncontrollably. The Los Angeles Dodgers’ Matt Kemp is about to remind us that sports can mean so much more than the game itself:

Carlos Quentin Breaks Zach Greinke's Collar Bone With Shoulder Check - Round 2 Set For Monday

In a moment that was part baseball, part hockey, part football and part MMA Carlos Quentin charged the mound after taking a brushback pitch from Zach Greinke on the arm The impact was so severe that it broke Geinke’s collar bone and he will require surgery and 8 weeks to recover. Greinke is lucky it was only his collar bone as Quentin is about 100lbs above his weight class. Obviously […]