Carlos Quentin Breaks Zach Greinke’s Collar Bone With Shoulder Check - Round 2 Set For Monday

In a moment that was part baseball, part hockey, part football and part MMA Carlos Quentin charged the mound after taking a brushback pitch from Zach Greinke on the arm

The impact was so severe that it broke Geinke’s collar bone and he will require surgery and 8 weeks to recover. Greinke is lucky it was only his collar bone as Quentin is about 100lbs above his weight class.

Obviously the incident sparked a bench(and bullpen) clearing brawl that took forever to clear up. But it didn’t end there! Dodger Matt Kemp got in to it with Quentin in the parking lot after the game and they had to be restrained by security guards

The Dodgers are understandably upset considering that beanings and brushback pitches are a part of the game and should not result in serious injury. LA manager Don Mattingly stated that he thought Quentin should not play a game until Greinke is fully recovered.

However Quentin will serve only an 8 game suspension which has many sports writers calling for a more severe punishment.

The Dodgers took to Twitter to voice their displeasure in what is sure to be an instant classic

It will be an interesting scene on Monday as the Padres and Dodgers will face off again, only this time in LA! Round 2 - DING!

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