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Democratic Strategist Calls for Progressives to Take Stand Against President Obama

A former political strategist for the late Senator Frank Lautenberg cites the New York Times’ charge that President Obama has ‘lost all credibility’ on the issue of protecting individual freedoms in her call for fellow progressives to take a stand against the president. But she isn’t only the Democrat breaking from the pack.

Secret Tape: Mitch McConnell's Attack Plan on Ashley Judd Released (AUDIO)

Having decided against running for U.S. Senate against Sen. Mitch McConnell, celebrity actress Ashley Judd can now reflect on why her decision not to run was most likely a good one. Mother Jones released a tape recording of a private meeting between the Kentucky Senator and his campaign aides. Discussed at the meeting were different attack plans should Judd decide to run. The aides and McConnell share a couple of […]

Did Politico Lift Washington Post Analysis on Special Election? And Do It Wrong?

Editor’s Note (April 3rd, 2013 2:55PM ET): In this item published yesterday, ViralRead staff asked whether an article by Politico reporter Alex Isenstadt about the South Carolina congressional runoff campaign had borrowed a projected turnout number — 45,000 — used in a previous Washington Post article by Sean Sullivan. And just how he came to the exact same opposite conclusion… After e-mail communication with Isenstadt’s editor at Politico, we have been told that Isenstadt’s article was based on independent reporting, and […]

Media: Mark Sanford Will Win Run-Off Against Curtis Bostic

The Fix is in: Mark Sanford will win tomorrow’s special election in South Carolina First Congressional District. POLITICO expects a Sanford v. Elizabeth Colbert-Busch South Carolina showdown as well. Bruce Smith of the SC State Wire for the AP echoes a similar prediction in his headline. Although, the article itself paints a more chaotic picture. However if social media means anything, an independent (and largely untested) social media analysis gives Curtis […]