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BREAKING: Jets Finally Give Tebow Something to Do - Look for Work

Adam Schefter of ESPN has broken disappointing news for Tim Tebow fans this morning: The NY Jets have officially parted ways with their infamous back-up QB. With their second pick in this year’s draft, the Jets took West Virginia’s Geno Smith. Adding Smith to the mix gave the Jets the sixth QB on their roster and perhaps reason enough to finally end their relationship with the controversial Tebow. The Jets […]

Seattle Cops Give Weed Back To Street Dealers. You're Welcome!

Washington State decided to legalize marijuana last November, and now cops are beginning to return confiscated product back to street dealers.  Eric Pfeiffer at Yahoo! wrote today that: In what the Seattle Police Department described as its “first time ever” event, authorities returned small amounts of marijuana confiscated from street dealers as part of a police investigation. [...] But how does the law apply to selling small amounts of cannabis? As with […]