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Twitter #music Falls Off the iTunes Charts

After only two weeks since its release, Twitter’s new music app appears to be failing. The much anticipated Twitter #music launched at number five on all iOS charts. As of this morning, it had fallen to 127. That’s one below Bike Race Free. Not a great start for what is advertised as “A fresh approach to finding new music…” So why is the new app already headed the way of […]

FBI Boston Office Uses Twitter to Issue Lookout for Bombing Suspect Vehicle: Green 1999 Honda Civic

As the manhunt for Boston Marathon bombing suspect continued Friday afternoon, social media continued to influence both the media coverage of this story, as well as proving an important resource for law enforcement. After a shootout with the suspects, Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis used Twitter to distribute a photo of the suspect. This afternoon, the Boston office of the FBI issued this alert for the green 1999 Honda Civic […]

#PrayForBoston More Popular Than #BostonMarathon and #Boston Hashtags; #RunForBoston Emerging. . .

Yesterday’s tragic bombings at the Boston Marathon left the public craving constant coverage of the event. While the cable channels repeated the same known information every 15 minutes, most turned to the Internet for extended explanations. There was speculation over a possible suspect (PHOTO), however much is still unknown. As we enter day 2 of the crisis, expect news to become more definitive. In an age where every TV episode and event, […]