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Could We Stop an Asteroid?

If you can’t trust Bill Nye the Science Guy, who can you trust? AsapSCIENCE requested Bill Nye’s expertise to determine whether or not stopping an asteroid is possible. Don’t worry - we’re not in an Armageddon or Deep Impact-esque crisis here. (You don’t see Morgan Freeman  sitting in the Oval Office, either.) There’s no imminent threat of asteroid collisions that I’m aware of. In his video on the topic, Nye […]

How Tears Fall In Outer Space

Check out the latest video by Chris Hadfield, Canadian Space Agency Astronaut. Hadfield demonstrates for us what happens when you cry in outer space. Over the last few months, Chris has been uploading videos of how normal everyday activities work in outer space. You can check out the rest of Hadfield’s videos here! ReactionLOL (0) It’s a Trappp! (0) Bias (0) Losing (0) Fail (0) Winning (0) Aww (0)