HBO’s Lena Dunham Compares Black Republican Character to Nazi

Lena Dunham, that thick girl from the Girls series on HBO you’ve never heard of (although you may remember her from a web video that Obama campaign launched) is at it again. In an interview with Vulture, Dunham gives a sneak peek at a new character, a love interest played by Donald Glover.

The show needed a black character after fans complained that the show was too white.

The interview, of course, starts out with Dunham talking about sex. It’s almost as if she longs to remind us that she too is capable of this human habit. Allegedly.

I want to start with the fourth scene of the entire season, which is you, topless …
… on top of Donald Glover.

Having sex.

Dunham spends a lot of her time associating sex, bad sex, lack of sex, with… you guessed it, Republicans.

Why make him a Republican?
We liked the idea of a Republican entering their universe. And Hannah doesn’t really have a clear sense of why you shouldn’t date a Republican; it’s kind of just like the same reason why you shouldn’t date a Nazi: You just shouldn’t.

Wait, so your position is that you shouldn’t date a Republican?
My personal position is that you should date anyone you want so long as they treat you respectfully and share your value system. So it might be hard for me to date someone who was against gay marriage and abortion rights — I don’t think I would be attracted to them — but I don’t have any personal problem with dating a Republican. I do think that Hannah has this reverse ignorance where she’s like, If they’re Republican, get them out of my airspace, and that was a fun thought to explore.

So to avoid the show looking racist — Dunham creates a black character that she’ll teach her audience to love to hate.

My follow-question would have been, “Wait, so your position is that black Republicans are Nazis?” But you know, journalism.


Update (4:30pm ET): Journalist Robert Stacy McCain tackles Dunham’s potential mind-set. Could this be self reflection? Worse? Her Twitter bio does read, “My life is my art and therapy is my palette.” Could be a cry for help.

Update (8:30pm ET): Twitter curation site, covers the story. Wonder if we’ll hear from @LenaDunham.

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2 Responses to “HBO’s Lena Dunham Compares Black Republican Character to Nazi”

  1. Frank Byzinski
    January 15, 2013 at 8:50 am #

    I’m making a sitcom. Lena Dumbham stars as a Democrat canvasser who moonlights as a fat white hooker who gives free fellatio to black Republicans

  2. Jeremy A (@CaffeinatedWit)
    January 16, 2013 at 10:56 am #

    She didn’t mean that Republicans are like Nazi’s. Only that people who run in her circles just have the same assumptions “Republicans are bad”, “Nazi’s are bad”, the link is the assumption.