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Rand Paul Speaks to Howard University Students on History of Race in Politics

Rand Paul addressed the historically African-American Howard University Wednesday, fielding questions, and sometimes protests (at one point a student unfurled a banner reading “Howard University Doesn’t Endorse White Supremacy” before being escorted out by security), to outline how his particular brand of Libertarian-Conservatism could benefit (and historically already had) a demographic notoriously monolithic in its liberal voting record. “We’ll have to see what the Howard students thought,” said Paul while […]

Adam Carolla Trashes HuffPost for Calling Him Racist (AUDIO)

Comedian Adam Carolla savaged the Huffington Post for calling him a racist, shooting back that the organization is full of cowards and accusing it of perpetuating the problem of “black-on-black” and “brown-on-brown” crime.  Carolla said the website and those who cover for politicians like California Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom “all have blood on your hands.” Listen to Adam blister HuffPost here. (NSFW) The rant stemmed from an earlier interview with […]

VIDEO: French Tourist Documenting His Trip on US Bus Gets More Than He Asked For

A French tourist, equipped with multiple cameras, was documenting his ride on a public bus when two passengers started arguing about safety, race, and American culture. The encounter took place on a bus in Hollywood, FL, a suburb of Miami. His amusement with the situation gets mellowed when another passenger warns him that he needs to get away. Quite a souvenir, this is.   ReactionLOL (0) It’s a Trappp! (0) Bias (0) Losing (0) […]

American Idol may be Sued Amid Accusations of Racism

  Nine black men who were contestants on American Idol are seeking permission from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission to sue the mega-hit talent show amid allegations of racism. Their attorney, James H. Freeman, claims Idol broke California state employment statutes which prohibit employers from questioning potential employees about any history of arrest, stating that “Their personal and professional lives remain permanently and severely impaired.” Freeman suggests that the Idol […]

CNN Doesn't Have Black Republican on Segment about Parties and Black America

Joe Johns, the Crime and Punishment reporter for CNN, has been filling in for anchor Wolf Blitzer this week. During the first hour of the Situation Room, Johns (an African-American man himself) had on CNN contributors, President Obama’s Democratic pollster Cornell Belcher (another African-American — yes the one who called Herman Cain a racist), and Ari Fleischer, White House Press Secretary for President George W. Bush, to discuss “Which Party is Best for […]

HBO's Lena Dunham Compares Black Republican Character to Nazi

Lena Dunham, that thick girl from the Girls series on HBO you’ve never heard of (although you may remember her from a web video that Obama campaign launched) is at it again. In an interview with Vulture, Dunham gives a sneak peek at a new character, a love interest played by Donald Glover. The show needed a black character after fans complained that the show was too white. The interview, […]