List of the Victims of the Boston Bombings

With the Boston Bombings now more than a week behind us, we begin to shift our focus from the perpetrators to the victims. After the interfaith memorial service last thursday, and the less formal memorial service this past Sunday, a clearer picture is emerging of the extent of the damage wrought by the bombings. Here is the most complete list possible of those known to be affected by the bombing:

Krystle Campbell, 29

Martin William Richard, 8

Lingzi Lu, 23

Sean Collier, 26

Richard H. Donohue Jr., 33
Severe injury

Kaitlynn Cates, 25
Severe leg injury

Brittany Loring, 29
Severe head, leg and arm injuries

Sydney Corcoran, 17
Severe leg injury

Liza Cherney, Age Unkown
Injuries Unknown

Heather Abbott, 38
Injuries Unknown

Jeff Bauman Jr., 27
Severe leg injury

Roseann Sdoia, 45
Severe leg injury

Jacqui Webb, Age Unknown
Severe leg injury

Celeste Corcoran, 47
Severe leg injury

Kevin Corcoran, Age Unknown
Minor injuries

Zhou Danling, Age Unknown
Injuries Unknown

Gillian Reny, 17
Injuries Unknown

Marilyn Kight, 63
Severe leg injury

Erika Brannock, Age Unknown
Severe leg injury

Denise Richard, Age Unknown
Severe upper body injury

Jane Richard, 7
Severe leg injury

Denise Spenard, Age Unknown
Abdominal injury

Beth Roche, 60
Severe leg injury, other injuries

Lee Ann Yanni, 31
Severe leg injury

J.P. Craven, 24
Head injuries

David Yepez, 15
Head and arm injuries

John Odom, Age Unknown
Injuries Unknown

Michelle L’Heureux, Age Unknown
Severe arm and leg injuries

Patrick Downes, 30
Severe leg injuries

Jessica Downes, 32
Severe leg injuries

Jarrod Clowery, 35
Hearing loss, leg injuries

Darrel Folkert, 42
Leg injuries

William White, Age Unknown
Severe leg injury

Mary Jo White, Age Unknown
Hand injury

Kevin White, Age Unknown
Moderate injuries

Eric Whalley, 65
Severe head injury, other wounds

Ann Whalley, 65
Injuries Unknown

Sarah Girouard, 20
Injuries to lower extremities, received surgery

Aaron Hern, 11
Leg injury

Victoria McGrath, 20
Severe leg injuries

Nicole Gross, 31
Leg injuries

Michael Gross, 38
Head injuries

Michelle Connolly, 52
Head injuries

Remy Lawler, 25
Upper leg injuries

Nicholas Yanni, 32
Temporary hearing loss

Ascer Barlatier, 35
Wounded in chest and leg

Jenny Chung, Age Unknown
Shrapnel wounds

JP Norden, 31
Severe leg injury

Paul Norden, 33
Severe leg injury

Dan Soleau, 36
Hearing loss

Ryan C. McMahon, 33
Back and arm injuries

All names and data collected from’s official list.

George Washington University’s John Paul Koenigs contributed to this report.