Who’s Who in the Boston Marathon Bombing Aftermath: Part Two

Following up on our series of “Who’s Who in the Boston Marathon Bombing” to keep you informed, we present ‘Part Two’:

Richard DesLauriers

Richard DesLauriers heads the FBI’s investigation in Boston, coordinating efforts on the federal, state, and local level. He was appointed to the Bureau’s Boston office in 2010 by Director Robert Mueller after serving two years as deputy assistant director of the Counterintelligence Division at FBI headquarters. Just a month ago, he was focused on comparatively docile crimes of art theft from Boston’s Gardner Museum, attempting to recover renowned paintings that had been missing for more than two decades. DesLauriers announced Monday that he and his team “will go to the ends of the earth to find the subject or subjects responsible for this despicable crime.”


Gene Marquez

Representing the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) at a Tuesday morning press conference, special agent Gene Marquez dispelled rumors of unexploded devices erroneously reported by the Wall Street Journal, among others. His team has explosive experts, K9 units, and thirty forensics experts on the scene today, analyzing what evidence the pair of blasts left behind. Marquez is the acting special agent in charge of the ATF’s Boston field division. The ATF is a law enforcement organization within the Department of Justice that typically deals with arson, the illegal use or storage of explosives, and the illegal trafficking of alcohol and tobacco.


Carmen Ortiz

Carmen Ortiz is the US Attorney for the District of Massachusetts. Backed by the late Senator Ted Kennedy, Ortiz became the first Latina US Attorney in Massachusetts. She recently came under fire for her prosecution of Aaron Swartz, an internet activist who took his own life two months before he was set to go on trial. Nearly four years into her tenure as US Attorney, Ortiz will be part of the legal team that prosecutes the individual(s) who detonated Monday’s twin bombs. In a Tuesday morning press conference, she stated: “I have been in contact with US Attorney Eric Holder. I ask for your patience as we continue to gather leads and get to the bottom of who did this.”


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