VIDEO: Proud National Anthem at First Boston Sporting Event Post-Bombing

The Bruins-Sabres game was the first sporting event played in Boston after Monday’s bombing, and it featured a scene that was absolutely amazing. Loud and proud, the entire audience sings out a stirring rendition of the National Anthem. Rene Rancourt is at first initially using a microphone, but hears the crowd and elects to simply conduct the spontaneous patriotic moment with his fellow countrymen.

This patriotism reminds us all of just exactly why Boston is such a damn tough town.

For more unity in song, recall that yesterday at the end of the 3rd inning, the Yankees stadium played Neil Diamond’s “Sweet Caroline.”

Buffalo’s Sabres end up winning the game in overtime, 3-2.

The salute at the end of the game:

via nhlbruins on Instagram

via nhlbruins on Instagram