Alec Baldwin and His Toxic Tweets

From the racially charged drama surrounding Paula Deen to the racially inappropriate picture of reality star Kate Gosselin on Twitter and the arrest of former football player Aaron Hernandez who has been accused of murder,  this month has been downright horrible for so many celebrities and the ugliness continues.

This time, it’s Alec Baldwin who is famous not only for his movies and tv gigs but also for his continuous verbal diahrrea filled rants and his out of control temper.

He’s had multiple temper tantrum filled confrontations with those who work in the media from photographers to journalists and this time he’s in hot water for his homophobic tweets against George Starks for the Daily Mail, a British tabloid newspaper who accused his pregnant wife of tweeting “upbeat posts” during James Gandolfini’s funeral which she has denied doing. For the full tweet, go here but here’s a snippet of it.


He has since deleted his Twitter accounts and have apologized for his homophobic slurs saying “”My ill-advised attack on George Stark of the Daily Mail had absolutely nothing to do with issues of anyone’s sexual orientation,” in a statement to GLAAD and they seemed to be happy with it but many are wondering if he’s getting off too lightly and Anderson Cooper is one of them.


Now that folks, is something to think about.

I just hope Mr. Baldwin doesn’t call Mr. Cooper a pig in response.


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