Paula Deen Gets Dropped…and Dropped…

Despite her impassioned pleas on the Today show yesterday for people to believe she is not a racist, Paula Deen continues to bleed business relationships as two more companies cut ties with her.

Target and Novo Nordisk are the latest organizations to distance themselves from Deen. Target vows to stop selling her cookware once current inventories are sold, and the diabetes drug company will halt Deen’s involvement in their patient education efforts. These latest developments arrive on the heels of Food Network, Smithfield Foods, Caesars, and Wal-Mart turning their backs on the chef.

One silver lining for Deen? Huffington Post reports that her upcoming cooking-light book of recipes is #1 on Amazon, and several of her other tomes are also selling well. So chin up, Paula… even if your books go belly-up, there’s always a network like MSNBC- which has been known to employ people guilty of making decades-old regrettable statements.





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