Contrary to Rumors, Darrell Issa Declares #NoBudgetNoPay ‘Constitutional’

American Majority’s fresh face, political novice Spokesman, Ron Meyer Jr. is willing to talk to any press willing to listen. His group contends that the newly unveiled House GOP budget-debt ceiling-congressional pay plan is unconstitutional — that it violates the 27th Amendment, which reads, “No law, varying the compensation for the services of the Senators and Representatives, shall take effect, until an election of Representatives shall have intervened.”

Meyer in a Twitter quarrel eager to defend his position said, “Issa agrees with us,” going further to say, “still unconstitutional.” While Meyer was encouraged to read the actual comments from Issa in the Roll Call interview he was citing, he couldn’t be dissuaded.

Viral Read reached out and obtained this statement from Congressman Issa’s office to clarify the matter:

I strongly support the House Republican leadership’s proposal to link the debt ceiling increase to passage of a budget by the Senate which has gone 1360 days without passing a blueprint for federal spending.  While the 27th Amendment prohibits Congress from varying its own pay within a given Congress, as I noted in my interview it can certainly withhold pay.  I have not read the legislative text of the ‘No Budget, No Pay’ proposal and how it approaches historically difficult questions about Congressional compensation.  I would note that there have even been legal action taken challenging the current system that gives Members of Congress an automatic pay-raise.  I have been an advocate for the strategy of linking a debt ceiling increase to passage of a budget as an effective way of forcing President Obama to focus on our nation’s long term fiscal situation.  I expect the final proposal brought before the House will have resolved any constitutional questions and that it will have my support.”

This lines up with the contents of an article that broke just a little while ago which read, “Issa said that while Congress could temporarily withhold pay.” Although many didn’t make it past the bold headline: “Issa: ‘No Budget, No Pay’ Is Unconstitutional.”

Add Issa to a long list of supporters, including the most conservative members of the House GOP conference, Speaker Boehner of course, Majority Leader Cantor, Budget Chairman Paul Ryan, and even the White House has high hopes for this proposal.

Though, like American Majority’s #FireBoehner effort, I’m sure facts and statements from Members won’t get in their way of waging a hashtag war over Congressional rules.


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