Coo-coo Alert! American Majority Action Spokesman: Obama Will Force Carbon Taxes To Solve Debt Ceiling and Budget Woes

The group that said it had the votes to oust Speaker John Boehner (or atleast move the vote for a Speaker of the United States House to at least a second or third ballot) several weeks ago is now claiming that “climate change” will be a part of the debt deal before President Obama and Congress.

Last week Viral Read broke news with a statement from House Oversight and Government Reform Chairman Darrell Issa (R-Ca.) which we obtained to fact-check American Majority Action‘s claim that Issa stood with them in deeming the ‘No Budget, No Pay’ proposal unconstitutional. Issa told us it was constitutional the way it was being proposed. The Congressman pointed out that his earlier statements had been taken out of context, even while he had specifically said, “Congress could temporarily withhold pay.”

American Majority Action’s ability to be factually incorrect time and time again over the past two months hasn’t stopped it’s 23-year old spokesman from making claims involving House rules, parliamentary procedure, questions of constitutionality of bills, budget forecasts and now — weather forecasts.

It appears Meyer may simply be looking for anything to oppose. This, even while conservative members have chosen to rally around the plan.

First ‘No Budget, No Pay’ was unconstitutional and now it is bad strategy. What next? And we still haven’t seen a retraction of Mr. Meyer’s post saying that it violates the 27th Amendment (something he concluded before the text of the bill was even published).

You can read the bill here and see that it complies with the 27th Amendment. Will the conservative movement give a big “Nobody asked you, RON!” to Mr. Meyer? It appears even some bloggers are shying away from him and the group this go around.

What all this has to do with carbon taxes… remains… um, unclear? Unclear.

Wonder what Miss Cleo thinks about Meyer’s crystal ball?

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