Tiger Woods backs fellow PGA Tour mate Phil Mickelson in his conquest for Lower Taxes

As if Tiger Woods needed anymore headlines these days. In an apparent fight to win his ex-wife Elin Nordgren back he is actively participating in “negotiations” to reconcile their differences and remarry… BUT there’s always a catch. After his midnight re-engagement proposal on New Years Eve just a few weeks ago, Nordgren has asked for a proposed $350 million ‘no cheating clause’ in the pre-nup, worth over half of Tiger’s $600 million net worth.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t a marriage contract technically a ‘No Cheating Clause’? Just sayin’…

Well, it appears that Tiger has come to realize that it’s time for even the richest golfer in the world to be a little more fiscally responsible, and he’s standing behind his friend Phil Mickelson who is teed off about taxes.

Sunday, Mickelson showed the world a different side of his personality when he lashed out at both the California state government as well as the Fed when he said, “There are going to be some drastic changes for me because I happen to be in that income zone that has been targeted both federally and by the state and, you know, it doesn’t work for me right now.”
Mickelson went on to say that upwards of seventy percent of his $46 million earnings of 2012 will be gobbled up between California state income taxes and the rest to the Fed.

Mickelson slightly changed his tune Monday night, issuing the following statement:
”Right now, I’m like many Americans who are trying to understand the new tax laws. I’ve been learning a lot over the last few months and talking with people who are trying to help me make intelligent and informed decisions. I certainly don’t have a definitive plan at this time, but like everyone else I want to make decisions that are best for my future and my family.”

However, Mickelson made zero effort to withdraw what he said, which included blaming the state’s high tax rates for causing him to back out as a minority owner of the San Diego Padres.

And then there was Tiger…

Tuesday, Tiger was approached by San Diego’s ABC 10News while practicing at Torrey Pines in preparation for the 2013 Farmers Insurance Open. “Well, I moved out of here [Florida] back in ’96 for that reason,” said Woods. “And I enjoy Florida, but I also understand what I think [Michelson] was trying to say; I think he’ll probably say it better in a little more detail.”

Kinda like Tiger clarified the events that transpired with a certain golf club smashing his windows in and running into a tree? Let’s hope he’s a little clearer than that.

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