Five Classic YouTube Videos That Are Still Funny


I have literally no idea what is going on in this video. Between the fantastic dance moves of the grandfather, disinterested grandson in the front, amused baby off to the side, and the mysterious disappearing shoe, this video is a classic.

2. “Russians sledging off buildings”

Remind me again how the United States won the Cold War? These people are fearless.

3. “*HILARIOUS FAIL!* MN Hockey Tourney”

In Minnesota, the state championship tournament for high school hockey is a pretty big deal. Games are played in an NHL arena, televised, and each player is announced prior to the start of each game. Zach Van Orsdel, a player from Alexandria High School, had the extreme misfortune of catching an edge on statewide television. To his credit, he handled it pretty well.

4. “Scary Maze prank - The Original”

Admit it, you had the same reaction when one of your “friends” sent you that prank.

5. “High school cheerleading FAIL!!”

Disclaimer: This video is only funny because the girl immediately got back up and continued her routine like she hadn’t just busted a tuck to her head. Props to you, dedicated cheerleader with a spine of steel.

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