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VIDEO: Shadow Dance Company 'Attraction' Blows Minds and Hearts on Britain's Got Talent

Attraction, a shadow dance group from Hungary, appeared on Britain’s Got Talent and is the favorite to win according to Ladbrokes, an online betting site in Britain. It was the troupe’s initial audition, that stirred the audience’s and judge’s emotions and the video of that performance is going viral.

Five Classic YouTube Videos That Are Still Funny

1.”APACHE DANCE - HASAN BABA” I have literally no idea what is going on in this video. Between the fantastic dance moves of the grandfather, disinterested grandson in the front, amused baby off to the side, and the mysterious disappearing shoe, this video is a classic. 2. “Russians sledging off buildings” Remind me again how the United States won the Cold War? These people are fearless. 3. “*HILARIOUS FAIL!* MN […]