My Top Super Bowl Commercials

At my house during the Super Bowl, everyone talks during the game and hushes during the commercials because, as we all know, we’re probably more excited about seeing those than the actual game.  Below are a few of my favorite commercials.

Hyundai’s “Team.”

Aside from the fact that this commercial is simply adorable- what’s cuter than a bunch of little kids rescuing people from burning buildings and bench-pressing twice their own weight?- it sticks it to bullies.  “Come back when you have a team,” bully says to the wannabe player.  Guess he wasn’t expecting the incredibly versatile team that came back.


Jeep’s “Whole Again.”

I dare you not to cry while watching this.  The love and respect shown for our military put this one on my list of favorites.


Best Buy’s “Asking Amy.”

We all know that person who asks way too many questions before purchasing a new product, and Best Buy captured that composite perfectly in “Asking Amy.”  It also demonstrates the tremendous customer service- and patience- that the employee shows to the never-ending questions.

Coca Cola’s “Coke Chase.”

A few camels carrying riders walking across the desert.  A few cowboys on their horses start riding up.  Still somewhat normal; then you see the motorcycle stunting off sand-dunes, the armored trucks speeding across the sand, and the bus full of women clad in headdresses racing to catch up.  The epic battle over a Coke that ensues in the desert is just that:  Epic.


E*Trade’s “Baby Game Day.”

I’m a sucker for E*Trade’s baby commercials- every time one comes on there are involuntarily squeals over the cuteness on the screen.  This latest was no exception.  I mean, what’s cuter than a baby in space and sailing a yacht?

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