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#CPAC2013: 10 Conservatives Under 40

“Young conservatives in this country are ready to take the reigns.” Georgia State Representative Michael Caldwell was on CPAC’s “10 Conservatives Under 40″ panel at this year’s gathering.  The quote above echoes what most of the participants shared throughout the panel:  Young conservatives are eager to jump in and make a huge impact on the party and its outreaches. While the panel was intended for people aged 40 and under, […]

Bobby Jindal Yuks it Up at #CPAC2013

Special guest and potential 2016 contender, Governor Bobby Jindal, finally took the stage today at CPAC. Governor Jindal took the attendees by surprise today by telling jokes rather than discussing serious matters during the first half of his speech.  He shared that, while at the Gridiron Dinner last week, he told President Obama that he has no intentions of running for President:  “What chance does a skinny guy with a […]

#CPAC2013 Kelly Ayotte: 'Leading From Behind Doesn't Work'

Senator Kelly Ayotte (R-N.H.), spoke at CPAC this morning to a rousing reception. One of the rising stars in the Republican Party, Ayotte spoke on national security, outlining the failures of the Obama administration when it comes to foreign relations. In Libya, she said, four of our citizens, one being our Ambassador to the country, lost their lives because of a lack of attention and leadership in the country. Ayotte […]

Trump to Conservatives at #CPAC2013: Stop Being So Conservative

Donald Trump kicked off the second day of CPAC, entering the stage to a standing ovation from attendees.  Little did they know that the businessman had come to lecture them about the dangers of becoming too conservative. The businessman declared that “the Republican Party is in serious trouble, especially as you become more conservative.”  Trump stressed the importance of regaining the momentum in the political sphere; however, his idea of how […]

CPAC: 'Conservative With No Apologies': Al Cardenas

During his opening remarks at CPAC 2012, American Conservative Union Chairman Al Cardenas invoked Ronald Reagan’s first address to the 1975 conference in calling for a return to unapologetic conservatism. Cardenas outlined a three-point strategy that he said the Republican Party must incorporate in order to have future success: “We must recruit candidates who are able to articulate the conservative message effectively” and we must “accept the changing demographics” and […]

Rep. Steve King at #CPAC2013

Representative Steve King of the 4th Congressional District of Iowa is speaking at CPAC on Saturday morning.  Speaking on the importance of principles, Congressman King went opposite Donald Trump by telling attendees that winning requires more conservatism, not less.  Regarding people who try to rebrand the Republican Party, he said this:  “They’re never going to rebrand conservatives.” “I stood on life and I stood on marriage.  I didn’t run only on jobs […]

CPAC: Tim Scott

Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) addressed CPAC attendees this afternoon in the Potomac Ballroom, after an introduction from Al Cardenas, Chairman of the American Conservative Union.  In his remarks, Senator Scott stressed the importance of understanding the “why” of our problems rather than simply the “what.”  ObamaCare, he stated, will add a new tax of at least 25% and expands the federal government’s reach much further than it has ever been […]

Survivor Contestants are Getting Hitched!

CBS’s hit reality show Survivor has become notorious for bringing people together, most famously, “Boston” Rob Mariano and Amber Bkrich from a much earlier season.  The most recent Survivor pair is country singer Whitney Duncan and fellow contestant Keith Tollefson. Much to the surprise of fans, Duncan was secretly married while on the show– so secretly that not even her close family and friends knew.  Shortly before returning home, she […]

Ten Things You Didn't Know About the Presidents

I’m one of those crazy people who think President’s Day fails to receive the attention it deserves.  It’s been established as a national holiday, so why not celebrate the holiday?  Decorations, parties, etc…but maybe that’s just me. Here are ten interesting facts you didn’t know about some of the men who have led our country. #1:  George Washington was actually born on February 11th.  His birth on February 22nd, 1732, was […]

5 Things You Didn't Know About Michael Jordan

As the basketball legend turns the big 5-0 tomorrow, here are five things you didn’t know (but want to know) about Michael Jordan. #1:  He wore the number 12 for one game.  The reason?  Someone stole his number 23 jersey from the Bulls’s locker room in the Orlando arena.  On Valentine’s Day in 1990, after trying on a kid’s replica 23 Jordan jersey and finding that it didn’t fit, Jordan […]