World’s Coolest Cupcakes

If you’re looking for a fun weekend project, maybe consider making some awesome cupcakes?

You’ll need some appliances to get started.

Starfleet, come in. This is the Starship Cupcake.

Edible science.

Bert, Zoe, Ernie, Cookie Monster, Unemployed Big Bird, and Elmo.

Eat the ghosts before they eat Pac-Man!

America: Life, liberty, and the pursuit of cupcakes.

My cupcakes, ’tis of thee I sing.

Steve Jobs’ top secret idea?

Android’s OS is known for having cool dessert names. Now it’s just a dessert.


If you don’t eat us, you’re despicable.

Troy and Abed (Eating Cupcakes) In The Morning!

Now you can tell your friends ” I’ve got a Ferrari.” Just don’t tell them it’s a cupcake.

Earth’s Mightiest Cupcakes


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