The Global Economy Meets The Pillsbury Doughboy

For the record, his name is Poppin’ Fresh.

And, if we were him, we would definitely like these cakes, which are ranked according to their representative nation’s GDP. All figures are in US dollars, ’cause we’re the best.

Oh yeah.

Naturally, the USA is on top, with a GDP of about 15 trillion.

China follows in a distant second, with a GDP of 7 trillion.

Yes, this is the alternate Japanese flag. So what. GDP: 5.8 trillion.

This German cake won’t last 1000 seconds, let alone 1000 years. GDP: 3.6 trillion.

Surrender to your stomach! The French have the 5th largest economy, at 2.7 trillion.

Everything in Brazil is round like a soccer ball. Except their GDP, unless you round it up to 2.5 trillion.

The UK’s GDP is 2.4 trillion. Gordon Ramsay himself makes up half that number.

We love you too, Papa. Enjoy living in the world’s 8th largest economy, at 2.2 trillion.

All those call centers add up to a GDP of about 1.9 trillion.

Russia trails India by only 40 billion in GDP, also clocking in at 1.9 trillion. Have you noticed how the interior of the cake is a Russian flag..but on top sits an American flag? Just like on the moon.

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