There’s a League for Everything: Fantasy Conclave

As of 2:00 p.m. EST, Pope Benedict XVI has officially resigned the papacy and the seat of Saint Peter is now vacant. Conclave, the official process to elect a new pope, is not expected to begin until early to mid March. It could be weeks before the Catholic Church has a new leader.

Looking for something to do in the meantime? How about playing Fantasy Conclave?

To play, simply enter your name and e-mail address, and select which cardinal you feel is going to be elected pope, when he will be elected, and what name he will choose for himself.

While Fantasy Conclave may be a game, the makers of the site also seek to educate people about the papacy, and send out daily “Pope Facts” emails to everyone who enters the fantasy league. (They also note that there is no canon law against betting on Conclave.)

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