Maine’s New Lottery Game Raising Eyebrows

Normally, telling someone they “want a quickie” would result in a slap across the face. Apparently nobody in the Maine Bureau of Alcoholic Beverages and Lottery Operations realized this, and named their newest scratch-off lottery game the “Kwikie.”

The game has business owners concerned:

“That’s going to be real uncomfortable for my girls behind the register to have guys come in and say, ‘Hey, give me a Kwikie,’” said David Welch, owner of Village Market in Fairfield, Me.

Yeah…ya think?

Despite the fact that the game’s logo is a man with a sketchy looking smile and goatee that turns into a bald man with a frown when it’s flipped upside down, officials say the game’s name has “nothing to do with sex” and instead refers to the instant nature of the ticket.

Kwikies are available throughout Maine wherever lottery tickets are sold.

Just don’t look your cashier in the eye when you ask for one.

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