O Captain! My Captain!

The New York Mets have made it official: David Wright is their captain.

Wright will join Paul Konerko (White Sox) and Derek Jeter (Evil-Doers) as one of only three active Captains in the MLB.

Six-time All-Star Wright hasn’t really helped the Mets accomplish much. Since Wright’s debut in late 2004, the Mets have continued to play red-headed stepchild to the Yankees while remaining the laughing-stock of the NL East.

Wright, though, is energized. “This is probably one of the proudest days of my career so far. I think to be viewed in this light both by ownership, by Sandy and the front office, by the coaching staff and probably most importantly by the players, is a great deal to me.”

Of course becoming the Captain of the Mets is something akin to becoming Chief of Staff to the Carter Administration.

Either way - why worry about a ‘C’ when what you really want is a ‘W’?

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