VIDEO: New Bacon-Flavored Mouthwash?

Yesterday, Scope announced that they are due to release a Bacon-flavored mouthwash. I love bacon as much as the next guy, but this leads the pack in awkward novelty products that I’m not sure I could stomach. Watch this video and see which level of bacon love you land on. Are you ready “For Breath That Sizzles”?

UPDATE: Mashable, Consumerist, and others are convinced it’s an April Fool’s joke. Scope is being coy by saying they will have further details “next week,” which just happens to start April 1st. For all us bacon lovers out there, let’s hope the real prank is that it’s not a joke.



  1. March 30, 2013  12:24 pm by Rose Reply

    Right up there with bacon-flavored condoms. Will that win Bill Gates' Design-A-Better-Rubber contest?

    • March 30, 2013  2:04 pm by Jeremiah Martin Reply

      That is awesome. I might need to do a follow up. Thanks!

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