Washington Post’s Filler Error: ‘gahhaha’ in ‘Can governors save the GOP?’ Piece

In an article published 2 days ago, Washington Post Chief Correspondent Dan Balz, has a typ-err-error? The 16th paragraph simply reads, “gahhaha”.

Intern’s fault? Copy editor? A Chris Christie fat joke that went unwritten? Endless possibilities as to the cause and intentions surrounding this error. Did anyone notice before just hours ago? Probably not. You need active readers to notice things like that. A Daily Kos diarist argues that WaPo needs more class warfare, while the Washingtonian points out that WaPo’s bleeding is worse than others. The Post is losing readers and revenue, posted Business Insider just last month. Not good?

Back to gahhaha. Code for insert random ‘Republicans failing meme here’? Or is it ‘civil war within the GOP,’ ‘a party lost,’ ‘winning presents a problem for the extreme rightists?’ We just do not know and are not reaching out for comment. Readers are encouraged to ask him on Twitter though. Click here to tweet @DanBalz, who hasn’t tweeted since the day before the article went live (well, he did click the retweet button on the day the article went live).

Probably ranking this right above former Senator Scott Brown‘s “bqhatevwr,” but below anything posted by BuzzFeed’s Benny Johnson. Don’t confuse this with the term, “gahaha,” though it may be similar to the drunken laugh.

The article is what you might expect from the Washington Post and someone who has thrived there. Balz opens talking about the RNC’s recently released 2012 autopsy report stating, “…but some of the report’s assertions about the governors’ successes are questionable at best,” to go on to reassert the notion only a couple sentences later, “factually that’s an accurate statement. It is also a misleading statement.” Facts, gahhaha! But wait, we’re still in just the lede.

See, Republicans cannot be right. Not even when they’re talking about their own failures. Or something.

Blaz goes on to talk about the GOP’s hispanic problem, African American problem, and then says Republican Governors “are still largely untested nationally.” Media critics call this “press handicapping.” The “just asking questions” or “so, they can win, but can they really win?”

Republicans occupy 30 of the 50 state offices. Gahhaha!

With an error sitting around for days like this, do you post a correction? Just edit the darn thing? I’m #justablogger, I wouldn’t know.

h/t @dhmbib’s tweet and extra exposure from @daveweigel’s instagram.

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