LucasArts Eaten By The Mouse

LucasArts is nothing short of iconic to any child of the 90s.

When Disney acquired LucasArts as part of a $4 billion deal buying all LucasFilm properties, rumors began to circulate that LucasArts wouldn’t survive.  Yesterday, those fears were confirmed.

Every nerd’s inner Luke is shouting “Noooooooo. . . . .. It’s Not Possible!!!!!”

“‘I felt a disturbance in the Force, as if millions of geeks were shocked in an instant,” tweeted one ecstatic fan boy the day the news broke. It was a common refrain.” (Via Businessweek)

Even though the studio hasn’t had much commercial success since 2008′s Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, that doesn’t mean its status as a cultural icon ever wavered.

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Every nerd’s inner Wookie just shed a big tear. . . .

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