UPDATE: Tim Pernetti Resigns as Athletic Director at Rutgers Amid Video Scandal

Heads are rolling.

ESPN reporter Brett McMurphy is reporting that celebrated Rutgers A.D. Tim Pernetti has officially been relieved of duty. Pernetti is accused of not doing enough when he found out about the video of former men’s basketball coach Mike Rice physically and verbally abusing his players. At the time, Pernetti chose a course of rehabilitation, suspending Rice for three games and fining him $50,000. Rice, however, was fired two days ago and the press and public have been screaming for Pernetti’s head ever since.

Pernetti’s ouster: appropriate or knee-jerk? Tell us what you think.

UPDATE: The official parting of ways between Rutgers University and now ex-athletic director Tim Pernetti was made official at a press conference this morning. Pernetti tendered his resignation. He was not fired by the university.

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